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K.S Marketing offers a content writing service in Swedish. I am an experienced writer and I specialize in content writing, SEO articles and translation, but I also do slogans, blog post texts and content for entire websites. I’ve been supplying various SEO businesses with articles they want to place on websites and blogs for several years, and I’ve written around 2000 content articles with sponsored links for newspapers, magazines, and blogs. I also have a blog of my own in Swedish, Arga Klara.

Why do you need good content?

For any new business, it is important to have innovative and unique content. Hiring a professional content writer will save a lot of time. When starting a business, there are a thousand things to keep in mind, so why not leave it to someone else to write content for your website. It also gives a fresh perspective, and gives a new dimension to your business.

Search engine competition is bigger than ever. To rank higher in search engines, your website needs to have a reasonable amount of content, it has to be relevant for the website, and it has to be unique content. People search the web for information, and that is why Google and other search engines put a high value on unique and relevant content. If you have content that people share, you will bump up in the ratings.

SEO articles

Many businesses place articles or use native advertising as a way to get backlinks to their business websites. It requires knowledge of search engine optimization, and it has to take into consideration where the article is going to be published, and who is going to read the content. This is why they need a content writer, to connect all the dots and make an interesting article which is unique, and offers something for the readers.

Ordering our services

To order an article from us, please contact us on the address found here. You should include what type of writing work you are looking for, and an idea of what you want. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

You can specify certain requirements if you wish, such as keywords, anchors, headings, topic and post length. If you would like to leave it up to the writer to decide, that is also fine. The turnaround for orders is usually fast.

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